Merged hourly PM2.5 map data for Christchurch in 2016 and 2017

An example of a PM2.5 map for hour 7 to 8 pm that available for Christchurch for the winter of 2016 and 2017.

We have developed a method to optimally combine information content from real-world PM2.5 measurements with model output to create high temporal resolution maps (typically hourly) of PM2.5 concentrations for cities. The model output provides information on the spatial structure of the PM2.5 concentration field between measurement sites. In this case, the PM2.5 measurements for Christchurch over the winters of 2016 and 2017 were kindly shared with the MAPM project by Mote. Furthermore, rather than using model output, a representation of the typical spatial structure of PM2.5 concentrations around Christchurch was obtained from winter maximum and winter average PM concentration fields obtained from a June 2016 Golder Associates report (Model Performance – Meteorology and Dispersion on High- and Low-Pollution nights) developed for the Christchurch Regional Council. In future, this method will use high spatial and temporal resolution output from the MAPM forward model to provide the estimators required by the algorithm to intelligently interpolate between the measurement sites. These maps are available as image files as follows: Replace YYYY with the four digit year (2016 or 2017), MM with the two digit month (06, 07 or 08), DD with the date in the month (01-31), and HH with the hour (00-23):

The data underlying these maps are also made available in the following NetCDF files (click on file name to download).