During the MAPM campaign 14 ES-642 sensors where distributed throughout Christchurch in addition to 3 ES-642 sensors operated by Environment Canterbury.

At the beginning and end of the MAPM campaign all ES-642s operated by MAPM were co-located in Woolston, Christchurch, for inter-calibration. The ODIN particulate matter sensors also participated in the colocation. After the colocation, the location of all sensors changed as they were distributed in the city. The colocation was repeated following the deployment period to assess temporal changes in instrument calibration. Thus, the MAPM particulate matter data are provided in three sub-categories, i.e.

  • Colocation_1: Measurements from the initial colocation which took seven days at the start of the MAPM campaign in June 2019.
  • Deployment: Measurements from the main MAPM campaign in which the sensors where distributed within Christchurch over the austral winter 2019.
  • Colocation_2: Measurements from the final colocation which took seven days at the end of the MAPM campaign in September 2019.

For the deployment period, a version 1 (v_01) and version 2 (v_02) of the data are provided in addition to the raw files. These use the two colocation periods to calibrate the instruments to minimise inter- and intra-instrument biases. A more in-depth description is provided in the readme files available alongside the netCDF files.